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If you have done a lot of work on yourself, or are yourself a practitioner, you are probably already familiar with belief change work. Our beliefs are like a road map to our lives. We create most of them before the age of ten, and after that we keep adding some new beliefs based on our current life experience. However the most powerful of our beliefs are the ones we form in our earliest years
I keep finding that one of the most tricky question to answer is What is NLP? I’ve been an NLP practitioner for about a decade now, and I still don’t like being asked that question! You can describe NLP in a lot of different ways, and that’s probably what makes it challenging. Also the name in itself is a little bit nebulous: Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What on earth?!!! I heard one of the creator of NLP,
Have you ever wondered how to get new clients? One of the most common question students ask me towards the end of their practitioner course is “How do I find clients?” It can be indeed quite scary once you’ve graduated to start from scratch in building your practice. Where and how do you advertise? How do you find your clients? I’ve been in that position at my beginnings, only seeing at the best one client a
I am reading a book by Thomas Moore, the dark night of the soul,  that is really starting to shift my approach to therapy. As a solution-focused trained therapist myself, I have always adopted the view that when issues arise, dark emotions take over and overwhelm our clients, our job as therapists was to immediately act on them and find the right approach in our tool box to “fix” them. After all, that’s what our clients want, right?
I’m struck with the diagnostic for bipolar disorder. Nowadays, like depression, it’s a diagnostic that’s very popular and easily given and I am alarmed by the easiness with which NHS doctors jump to those conclusions and give very strong drugs to patients. I have seen many people officially diagnosed with depression and put on anti-depressants – which have a dependent factor and horrendous side effects – who were simply going through a tough phase in