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NLP Practitioner Programme

Discover the NLP Practitioner Course

This course is a standard face-to-face NLP Practitioner course. It has been designed specifically for people who want to improve their own lives and help their clients using quick efficient NLP tools. However we have some unique features that differ from a majority of typical NLP courses.

For a start, this course is a combination of in depth self-discovery work and the learning of the most important NLP techniques out there. This means that as you learn those great tools you will also have an opportunity to dive into the layers of your own mind and start making deep powerful changes.

Contrary to many other training companies, our main trainer Peggy Guglielmino is a full time practitioner as well as a trainer and brings her experience and expertise into her training to help you learn best how to apply those powerful tools in real life context.

This course is a very good introductory diploma to becoming an NLP practitioner and therapist. It will offer you a wide range of tools to allow you to make significant changes in your life and those of your clients. Our students often start with the NLP practitioner course before enrolling on our Person-centred Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy course to take those skills to a therapeutic level.

If you’re interested in becoming a great NLP practitioner for your own personal development or for helping others, you can be confident this is the right course.

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  • Key Features

    • 2 weeks of face-to-face training over 6 months
    • Personal tutor to guide your learning journey
    • Accredited by the biggest NLP association, the ANLP
    • Italian location for an enhanced “me-time” experience
    • Personal inner work to start resolving your main issues
    • A personal learning journal and skill missions
    • Video resources for ongoing reference and support
    • Community of practitioners keeping you engaged
  • New Course Module Dates

    • Module 1

      April 9th to 16th 2020
    • Module 2

      October 22d to 29th 2020

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Peggy Gugliemino – Course Lead

Peggy is the course lead on our various courses and through 12 days of transformational training she’ll take you on a wonderful journey of exploration, discovery and learning.

A highly experienced therapist and Master Coach, using NLP, hypnotherapy, CBT, TA, EFT and coaching to help people overcome issues such as depression, low self esteem and anxiety, Peggy has also spent many years helping people recover from chronic illnesses using NLP techniques and has developed a strong interest in working with chronic immune disorders.

From her time as a professional musician with the London Philharmonic to running her full time NLP therapy practice Peggy is passionate about everything she does and combines this with natural humour, warmth and caring. She will be you ideal guide for this journey.

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Detailed content of our 2 weeks training.

  • Intensive week – One

    NLP foundations

    In your first week you will learn how to work with clients in an ethical and safe way. You’ll learn how to set contract for sessions and put professional and healthy boundaries and work in an ecological way. We will then explore in depth the foundations of NLP and how people absorb and interpret the external world in order to construct an internal model of the world from which all their behaviour, their communication and hence their outcomes are determined. And you’ll discover how you can navigate people’s maps using a range of approaches.

    We will cover: Contracting and boundaries, Code of ethics, Ecology, Communication Model; NLP Presuppositions; Meta Model; Representational Systems; Eye Accessing Cues; Well-formed Outcomes and coaching skills; Rapport; matching and mismatching; Reframing; Sensory Acuity; Incongruity and calibration; Pacing and Leading; Milton Model; Sleigh of mouth; Associating and Dissociating Techniques; Dealing with Polluting and Abreactions; Perceptual positions; Neurological levels; NLP frames; Anchoring; Future pacing; Timelines.

  • Intensive week – Two

    Advanced NLP skills and belief change

    Our second intensive week will take you through an exploration how to use language to influence both the conscious and unconscious mind to create powerful lasting changes from within. We will discover how our beliefs deeply influence our actions and how we can elicit unconscious limiting beliefs and change them into empowering ones. We will also learn how to change perspective to create new possibilities and enrich our model of the world.

    We will cover: Submodalities; Swish pattern; Working with metaphors; Chunking; Strategies and modelling; Parts integration process; Working with Phobia; Healing negative emotions; Creating a compelling future.

Training Locations

Tuscany Training

Il Paretaio, Florence, Italy

Our Italian Venue is the ideal location for combining your training experience with a relaxing holiday in Tuscany. Equipped with a swimming pool and stables, you can enjoy a relaxing down time or take up the opportunity for riding on exceptionally trained horses. Being abroad also offers the opportunity to take that time just for yourself and your own self-development experience, away from the distractions and stress of your daily life.

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FREE Introductory Discovery Experience

About FREE Discovery Experience

Our Discovery Experience offers a relaxed, intimate and exploratory space for you to meet us and explore our specific approach to NLP and Hypnotherapy. You’ll look beyond the more typical surface-level view of NLP that is often presented to see how our person-centred approach enables people to reconnect to a deeper level with themselves and eliminate blockages that have been hindering them for years.

The Discovery Experience takes place in a small group to enable questions and to get to grips with the core concepts of NLP and Hypnotherapy. It’s also a great way to see if our values of person-centred and core transformational work align with your own views and feelings of how you want to be as an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Why not join us to find out more.

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