Foundation Diploma in NLP

Foundation Diploma in NLP

  • Key Features

    • NLP presuppositions
    • Representational Systems
    • Meta-Model
    • Eye Accessing Cues
    • Rapport Building
    • Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication
    • Reframing
    • NLP Coaching

Foundation Diploma in NLP

Are you curious about NLP? Would you like to learn how to improve your communication and your relationships with others?

This comprehensive online course will allow you to dive into the fascinating world of NLP and instantly learn to know yourself better and communicating more efficiently.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming teaches us how to use language skillfully to access parts of our brains that we usually can’t connect with. That offers us the possibility to be able to reprogram those unwanted behavioural patterns that have limited us all our lives and finally learn how to access our full potential.

This Foundation Diploma in NLP gives you the possibility to learn the core of what makes NLP such a powerful tool. You’ll also discover in depth how to instantly improve your communication with others. The course might be experienced as a stand-alone course or be the first step to further training.

Your Trainer: Peggy Guglielmino

Peggy is the course lead on our various courses and through 12 days of transformational training she’ll take you on a wonderful journey of exploration, discovery and learning.

A highly experienced therapist using NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching tools to help people overcome issues such as depression, low self esteem and anxiety, Peggy has also spent the last nine years helping people recover from chronic illnesses using NLP techniques and has developed a strong interest in working with chronic immune disorders.

From her time as a professional musician with the London Philharmonic to running her full time NLP therapy practice Peggy is passionate about everything she does and combines this with natural humour, warmth and caring. She will be you ideal guide for this journey.