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It's time to move past quick-fix
NLP to lasting transformation
that comes from the heart...
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Peggy’s kind, intelligent and professional approach has been amazing.
– Hannah
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Discover a unique NLP and hypnotherapy course to become a therapist
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Peggy brings the theory and practice alive with her knowledge and enthusiasm.
- Claire
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Accredited by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP and Association for NLP
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Peggy is a great believer in the value of practice to embed the skills we learn.
- Nishe
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Peggy Guglielmino, founder and Director of training

Accredited by the British Institute of Hypnotherapy


Accredited by the Association for NLP

Accredited by the Association for NLP

About Salus Academy

Salus is all about creating wellness, happiness and fulfilment.

We believe that everyone has the ability to achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing but that often our past experiences and current challenges block us.

That's why we are dedicated to training individuals in the art of therapeutic NLP and Hypnotherapy to enable them to become professional therapists helping people achieve lasting wellness in their lives.

We help you to use and integrate NLP, Hypnotherapy and other forms of change work.

Founded on the passion of Peggy Guglielmino, Salus Academy is not just about providing great training – it's about providing a philosophy of learning and discovery that ensure you become a confident practitioner.

Unlike most NLP training schools, we don't just teach you the theory and leave you floundering with the practice. We walk with you every step of the way through training, supervision and real-life practice work.

Our aim is that you become a confident, competent, successful therapist enabling lasting change for all your clients.

Integrative NLP Hypnotherapy

We believe that NLP therapy and hypnotherapy is about much more than learning techniques by rote – it's about the integration of a range of skills into a person-centred therapeutic relationship that emerges from the chemistry of client and therapist in harmony and collaboration.

At Salus, our aim is to train, support and develop therapists who work at an integrative level with clients on a wide range of life issues that cause them distress and emotional dis-ease.

When you train with us, you will learn to integrate all your knowledge and experience to elicit an approach that works with the unique individual that is your client. You will be able to tailor their treatment based specifically on who they are and what they need. You will be creating a truly powerful and collaborative space with them, helping to create lasting change throughout their lives.

Due to the recent impact of COVID-19 we no longer offer group training. Alternatively you can either attend our online courses or take private tuition to enhance your NLP and Hypnotherapy skills. Contact us for more info.

Courses at The Salus Academy

Online Foundation Diploma in NLP

Our online Foundation Diploma in NLP allows you discover NLP at your own pace and explore those incredible techniques.

NLP has been praised for its incredible capacity to elicit instant change. By learning those tools you will be able to start to make significant changes in your own life and turn around how you see the world.

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Online NLP Practitioner Diploma

The online NLP Practitioner Diploma is your next step after the Foundation course. You will learn all the well-known NLP techniques out there and will gain the capacity not only to make crucial changes in your own life but you will also have the skills to help others with their limitations and blockages.

This course is also entirely online and you can undertake it at your own pace. You will belong to a community of fellow learners and get support and advice when needed. You also have the option to add private mentoring with your course trainer to help you take it to the next level.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive curriculum validated by all NLP associations
  • Personal tutor to guide your learning journey
  • Community of fellow learners keeping you engaged
  • Online learning for convenience and safety
  • In depth personal therapeutic work
  • A personal learning journal and skill missions
  • Video resources for ongoing reference and support

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Online Relationship Coaching Diploma

This diploma is ideal for existing life coaches or people wishing to start a career in relationship coaching. This course is one of the most comprehensive relationship coaching training out there and will offer you the most effective tools to coach your clients.

Key Features

  • Learning to coach individuals and couples
  • Extended library of the most popular relationship coaching techniques
  • Introduction to NLP, Transactional Analysis and CBT
  • Learning about attachment styles
  • Learning how to build your coaching business

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