Read the latest on Peggy’s work and thoughts on integrative therapy

The combination of a person-centred approach with NLP and Hypnotherapy is not only original but, more importantly, extremely effective

It would be difficult to overestimate how much Peggy’s teachings have changed my interactions with my clients and within my own life.

After finishing my coaching qualification, I decided to take it further and I went on to study at the Salus Academy as a Master Practitioner in Person-Centred NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Whilst training, I knew I was learning valuable tools from an experienced professional, but it was only in seeing the results in my own clients that I realised her training and approach were so exceptional and I understood how fortunate I was to have had her share her wisdom with me and other students.

NLP offers a new paradigm for change that combined with Hypnotherapy works at a very deep level, bringing about powerful changes very quickly. This pace can be daunting for clients – but her person-centred approach ensures that they feel supported and in control throughout.

She is a fantastic trainer, extremely knowledgeable with a wealth of experience working with clients that she happily shares. She is also quite fun, very open and approachable and offers fantastic support during and after the course.