Our NLP Courses

Our NLP Courses

There are different reasons to learn NLP. You may just be curious on how to improve your communication skills and get to understand people at a deeper level. Those new insights could be very useful in both your work place and in your personal life. Our online foundation course (level 1) is perfect for that purpose.

Or perhaps you would like to use NLP to support your own self-development journey? In which case the NLP Practitioner online training (level 2) will offer you an in-depth exploration of NLP techniques along side a life-changing self-discovery experience supported by our most experienced practitioner.

The level 2 course will also teach you techniques that you can apply with other people and help them achieve the same level of change that you have yourself experienced by using those tools on yourself. Upon completion you will receive an NLP Practitioner Certificate.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the current changes in society, we are no longer able to run the other courses (level 3, level 4 or level 5) as they were face to face trainings. We will update you on this page if we resume running those courses in the future.

Foundation Diploma in NLP

This online foundation course will offer you a comprehensive overview of what NLP is and how to use it in different contexts. You can use it as a stand-alone introduction to NLP or as the first part of your next training (level 2 and 3)

Level 1

NLP Practitioner

This online course will invite you to discover in depth NLP techniques particularly designed to enhance your self-development and start helping your clients. The course takes place entirely online and can be the very step before you decide to become an integrative hypnotherapist and Person-Centred NLP practitioner (level 3)

Level 2

Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner

This course is an alternative to the NLP Practitioner course and designed for practitioners who want to become therapists. By integrating EFT, CBT and Life Coaching with NLP and Hypnotherapy, it will give you a strong foundation to become a skilled therapist. This course only takes place face to face as feedbacks from your trainer and live practise are essential.

Level 3

Master Practitioner in Integrative NLP and Hypnotherapy

The Master course is the next level after the Integrative Practitioner course. It focuses on psychological dimensions as well as exploring in depth the most common issues brought in by our clients. Training at this level will allow you to deepen your therapeutic skills. This is also an only face-to-face course only.

Level 4

NLP Trainer training

This last level of training is for practitioners willing to become trainers themselves. You will learn how to integrate NLP techniques to improve your delivery skills and understand your audience at a much deeper level for an enhanced training experience.

Level 5