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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Russian dolls

    I was reading a blog this morning on NLP and they mentioned how a lot of practitioners don’t know what process or technique to use with their clients. Because they are focused on the processes rather than being focused on the person’s needs. When I train my Person Centred NLP/Hypnotherapy course, I remind my students...

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  • Projected self

    My client this morning brought an interesting dilemma. He was at work last week and one of his customer asked his opinion on other traders in the field. Having a nice rapport already with that regular customer, my client allowed himself to share his thoughts on that subject, which actually weren’t very positive… On his...

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  • When the quick phobia cure doesn’t work

    Richard Bandler put together his fast phobia cure a few years ago and supposedly in 10 minutes manages to free people from their phobia. In my experience however – and the one of a few of my NLP colleagues, it’s rarely that straight forward. The brain learns and changes very quickly, therefore it’s indeed essential...

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  • Needing space

    A lot of coaches and solution-focused therapists are taught almost from the word “go” that it’s not good for the client to talk about their issues. That the session should focus on creating goals and solutions, rather than dwelling on problems. I totally agree with that. To a certain extend. But let me first tell...

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  • Quick fix?

    One of the common theme I find when looking at the NLP world is the quick fix approach. I was reading today a by one of the most respected NLP pioneer,Steve Andreas, on resolving hate and anger. And his first case study got me thinking, once again, about the danger of the quick fix NLP...

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