The Projected Self

Workshop – The Projected Self

Background to The Projected Self

Over years of working with clients in direct therapy, I’ve seen time and again the pain, anxiety and anguish caused by an inability to create or sustain positive intimate relationships.

Working closely with my clients, I found that almost inevitably they were drawing upon old experiences, old patterns and childhood templates to construct their new relationships. And unsurprisingly, these weren’t working!

For me, understanding our relationship patterns and learning to manage them is one of the keys to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. And it starts with you.

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Why attend the Projected Self Workshop?

In this one day workshop, you’ll explore how old patterns of past relationships can continue to sabotage our existing relationship and how you can overcome them to create happier, lasting and loving relationship.

By exploring key themes such as codependency, projection, transference and counter transference, you’ll gain a deeper awareness of what’s driving you in your relationsips.

Combining theory and discussion with practical exercises to get under the surface of your own personal experiences, you’ll emerge from the workshop with greater clarity and new ways of being that will help you build a healthy, happy relationship.

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  • Key areas of discovery

    • What codependency is and how it could be shaping your relationships
    • How to identify codependent patterns
    • How to interrupt and break free from codependency
    • How projection, transference and countertransference could be ruining your relationship
    • Learning to take a fresh view on the person you love

Where and When?

Where and when?

Holiday Inn Bloomsbury.
Coram Street

The workshop takes place from 10.00am til 5.30pm.

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Peggy Gugliemino – Course Director and Trainer

Peggy is the course lead on our NLP & Hypnotherapy course and through 12 days of transformational training she’ll take you on a wonderful journey of exploration, discovery and learning.

A highly experienced therapist using NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching tools to help people overcome issues such as depression, low self esteem and anxiety, Peggy has also spent the last eight years helping people recover from chronic illnesses using NLP techniques and has developed a strong interest in working with chronic immune disorders.

From her time as a professional musician with the London Philharmonic to running her full time NLP therapy practice Peggy is passionate about everything she does and combines this with natural humour, warmth and caring. She will be you ideal guide for this journey.
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Our Discovery Experience offers a relaxed, intimate and exploratory space for you to meet us and explore our specific approach to NLP and Hypnotherapy. You’ll look beyond the more typical surface-level view of NLP that is often presented to see how our person-centred approach enables people to reconnect to a deeper level with themselves and eliminate blockages that have been hindering them for years.

The Discovery Experience takes place in a small group to enable questions and to get to grips with the core concepts of NLP and Hypnotherapy. It’s also a great way to see if our values of person-centred and core transformational work align with your own views and feelings of how you want to be as an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Why not join us to find out more.

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