NLP Trainer Course

Train the trainer

  • Key Features

    • General Training skills
    • NLP training skills
    • Meeting all learning styles
    • Devising exercises and activities
    • Keeping an energetic and dynamic atmosphere
    • How to best engage the group
    • Managing different personalities and needs
    • Managing Demos
    • Group dynamic and state management
    • Trainer’s own personal care and boundaries
    • Time management
    • 4 stages of learnings
    • Managing Q&A
    • Breaking down the knowledge to manageable chunks
    • Exploring the multi-dimension role of the trainer

Becoming an NLP trainer

This course is ideal for you if you are already a trainer and would like to improve your skills or if you simply wish to become a trainer. It doesn’t even have to be in the field of NLP or Hypnotherapy – you can apply those teachings to any field you wish to develop.

The structure of the course is a combination of theoretical learnings with a strong emphasis on practical skills. You will learn directly from observing our Training Director Peggy Guglielmino during one of her level 2 courses, whilst being taught the specific training skills she uses.

You also get an opportunity to deliver training yourself and receive valuable feedbacks and support. It is also an opportunity to re-visit the content of the other courses and continue to develop on your own personal journey.

  • New Course Module Dates

    • Module 1

      April 9th to 16th 2020
    • Module 2

      October 22d to 29th 2020

Your Trainer: Peggy Guglielmino

Peggy Guglielmino is an internationally acclaimed Master Practitioner, training director and lead trainer for Salus Academy.
Peggy combines an empathic and sensitive approach with psychological-insight to help her clients to overcome emotional distress and get the life they want. With a full practice of clients whom she sees privately at the Life Therapy Centre, Peggy has thousands of hours of clinical experience which she brings to her training at Salus Academy. As a Master Practitioner, Peggy worked internationally for many years, helping hundreds of people to recover from chronic illnesses such as M.E., chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and anxiety.

Peggy is also the Managing Director of Highgate Holistic Clinic, a complementary health centre in North London, where she is creating with other complementary therapists a holistic approach to mental and physical health.

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Training Location: Tuscany

Il Paretaio, Florence, Italy

Our Italian Venue is the ideal location for combining your training experience with a relaxing holiday in Tuscany. Equipped with a swimming pool and stables, you can enjoy a relaxing down time or take up the opportunity for riding on exceptionally trained horses. Being abroad also offers the opportunity to take that time just for yourself and your own self-development experience, away from the distractions and stress of your daily life.

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