How we’re different and why it matters

How we are different and why it matters?

How we are different?

Any cursory glance at the NLP training world will reveal an odd pattern: almost without exception it is taught as a fast track course in just over one week. The advantage of being able to graduate so quickly might seem attractive but we believe it misses out critical elements which will leave you feeling less than confident in your ability to practice in the real world.

Such accelerated courses teach you theories but can’t possible offer you you confidence in working with real clients. Instead, you’ll typically work with fellow students in the classroom – that might feel nice, and they might make it easy for you it doesn’t translate to real-world work with clients.

Similarly, these courses spend only a tiny amount of time teaching you trance and hypnotherapy (sometimes under a day). We believe trance work is at the heart of the very best NLP therapy and you should be practising it every step of the way.

So ask yourself: As a client, would you trust someone with that level of experience? And as a practitioner would you feel confident to handle issues real clients bring into your practice such as depression, trauma and abuse with that level of experience and practice?

The reality is that 90% of the people who train on these kinds of NLP courses will never gain the confidence to work with real clients. They might have a good time and take elements of what they learn into other disciplines such as coaching but they won’t become therapists

Why it matters?

We treat NLP and hypnotherapy differently.

We’ve recognised over the years the importance of learning thoroughly and deeply in order to create the incredible changes you can achieve for yourself and your clients using NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Because we believe in the value of embedding learning over time and with real clients, our courses include:

  • 6 months training
  • 12 months supervision on your client work
  • Real-life practice with clients
  • A rigorous assessment criteria so you get theconfidence you’re capable of using those tools
  • An active learning community
  • Access to additional online video-based learning
  • A Personal Learning Journal and a Course Book

Our Person-Centred NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy Diploma covers the full curriculum of NLP and hypnotherapy along with additional therapeutic elements not covered on other NLP courses. Accredited by the main UK national and international associations, you can be confident it has undergone rigorous assessment.

It delivers a unique integrated method founded upon hypnotherapeutic practice developed by a practitioner who has been using those tools in a clinical environment for many years.

The structure of the course ensures the skills are developed with lasting confidence so that you can use them with real clients rather than just fellow students.

Six weekends of training over six months combined with group supervision, personal tutoring, client work and reflective practice ensure you gain skills that last and get time to practice them fully.

How this course is different…

The Salus Academy Person-Centred NLP & Hypnotherapy Programme Typical accelerated NLP Practitioner course*
6 months – 12 days 8 days consecutive
Practising skills
30 hours supervisedworking with real clients No real-life practice
Class size
Small group training Often very large group lectures
Highly experienced practitioner Little real-life experience
Place of hypnotherapy
Core skill, explored andpractised throughout Usually side-lined toone session then forgotten
Practice philosophy
Person-centred, naturaland responsive Scripted and formulaic
Personal tutoring andgroup supervision on client work No support after the training

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FREE Introductory Discovery Experience

About FREE Discovery Experience

Our Discovery Experience offers a relaxed, intimate and exploratory space for you to meet us and explore our specific approach to NLP and Hypnotherapy. You’ll look beyond the more typical surface-level view of NLP that is often presented to see how our person-centred approach enables people to reconnect to a deeper level with themselves and eliminate blockages that have been hindering them for years.

The Discovery Experience takes place in a small group to enable questions and to get to grips with the core concepts of NLP and Hypnotherapy. It’s also a great way to see if our values of person-centred and core transformational work align with your own views and feelings of how you want to be as an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Why not join us to find out more.

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